We're gone for summer. Back in time for the UK Hackathon Season.

When we found out that Facebook were going to be flying us out to California to hack, we all had different ideas about how to spend our extra time out there. Naturally, we thought we could make sweet product out of that problem, so we built Indago, an app which lets friends plan a whole trip by independently adding the things they want to do on holiday into their own calendars, and then by automagically and intelligently combining them it creates a unified trip itinerary. The slick UX and tight social integration really impressed the judges, winning us 2nd Place at the Facebook Global University Hackathon.

The Hack: Indago, an app which lets friends plan a whole trip together.


"I have seen there has been a missing product for hackathons. Something that would highly compliment the hackathon experience so every engineer can achieve the impactful career they all strive for.

That’s why I invented HackCard. It will replace the resume. The world’s best companies will sponsor you to attend international hackathons and other awesome trips to get your attention. Maybe an interview or job offer.”

HackCard,  a physical loyalty card for hackathon attendees


"The challenge was for the most ridiculous use of a texting API, and I couldn’t think of anything more ridiculous than writing Haskell over SMS. But ironically it actually turned out to be quite useful, and has been used in quite a few other projects since!"

The Hack: TEPL aka Text-Eval-Print-Loop! It’s an SMS Based interpreter for Haskell Commands.



"My friends & I were just tired of writing code for coursework projects that no one was ever going to use. At a Hackathon, one of team members got frustrated with the low quality brickbreaker games on the app store & came up with a simple prototype. When he showed us, we knew we just had to build this game.

3 months later & after too many all nighters at the lab, we released the Bricks onto the appStore & the response we got was crazy; 5000 downloads after two weeks.

We only sought out to scratch an itch & build something for real but we are so glad that people really enjoyed what we created. It’s an amazing feeling.”

Bricks is a reinvention of the classic BrickBreaker Game with great aesthetics & addictive gameplay.